What Is Maryah Plaza?

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Maryah Plaza is a new residential complex on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It consists of four towers, three of which are residential and one of which is mixed-use. The project offers luxurious apartments and penthouses with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and the city skyline.

Overview Of Maryah Plaza

The complex also features a range of amenities, such as an infinity pool, a spa, a gym, a clubhouse, and Michelin-starred restaurants and cafes. Maryah Plaza is designed by the renowned architect Richard Rogers, who also designed One Hyde Park in London and the Pompidou Centre in Paris and looks like other off plan properties in Dubai.

What Makes Maryah Plaza Unique?

Maryah Plaza is unique for several reasons. First, it is the first residential development on Al Maryah Island, which is a natural island that aims to become the “Manhattan of the Middle East”. Second, it is one of the most luxurious and exclusive projects in Abu Dhabi, offering spacious and elegant living spaces with high-quality finishes and fittings. If you want to know more you can read about:

Third, it is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s financial and commercial district, close to the Abu Dhabi Global Market Square, The Galleria shopping mall, and the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. Fourth, it is part of a larger master plan that will transform Al Maryah Island into a vibrant and dynamic destination for business, leisure, culture, and entertainment.

Who Developed Maryah Plaza?

Maryah Plaza is developed by Farglory Group, a Taiwanese development company that has over 50 years of experience in real estate, construction, hospitality, and infrastructure. Farglory Group has partnered with Mubadala Investment Company, a sovereign wealth fund owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, to deliver this landmark project. Farglory Group has also collaborated with other international firms, such as Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (architects), Arup (engineers), HBA (interior designers), and CBRE (property consultants).

What Is Maryah Island?

Maryah Island (Arabic: جزيرة المارية) is a natural island located northeast of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It covers approximately 114 hectares and is connected to the mainland by 13 bridges. It is named after a famous oasis region in Abu Dhabi, Al Mariyah, which in turn is named after the species of Arabian deer that live there.

What Is The Plan For Al Maryah Island?

The plan for Al Maryah Island is to develop it into a new city center that will offer a mix of business, residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and cultural facilities. The island will have four distinct districts: Abu Dhabi Global Market Square (the financial hub), Al Maryah Central (the shopping and entertainment hub), Al Sowwah (the residential hub), and Al Maqtaa (the cultural hub). The island will also have several public spaces, such as parks, plazas, promenades, and waterfronts. The vision for Al Maryah Island is to create a world-class destination that will enhance Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification and social development.

Who Developed Maryah Island?

Maryah Island is developed by Mubadala Investment Company (Arabic: شركة مبادلة للاستثمار), or simply Mubadala, which is an Emirati state-owned holding company that acts as a sovereign wealth fund. Mubadala was established in 2017 when Mubadala Development Company (now Mamoura Diversified Global Holding) and the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) merged. Mubadala’s mandate is to invest in various sectors and geographies that generate sustainable financial returns and contribute to Abu Dhabi’s economic transformation. Mubadala owns several subsidiaries and stakes in numerous companies around the world.

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